Two Days

Two days and counting!!!  And what makes it even more exciting?  I checked the weather for Santa Rosa, California….  Friday, Saturday and Sunday are going to be 72!!!!!  I know it’s going to warm up here in Northeastern Pennsylvania also, and 45 seems pretty good after the crazy weather we have been having, but 72?!?!?  I think I need to dig out a Spring jacket!


Tonight’s new recipe:  Lentil-A-Roni from “Isa Does It”.  Ethan gave it a “delicious” and had three servings, mopping up all the sauce with his Italian bread.  (He even ate the crust, much to the dog’s dismay.)  David, on the other hand, rated it as “odd”, saying “it wasn’t what he expected”.  Not sure what he WAS expecting… certainly not meat in the sauce!  He later backtracked and said it was very good, but I’m still going with Ethan’s rating because I really enjoyed it as well.  It’s a healthy take on Beef-a-roni, made (of course) with lentils instead of beef.  The sauce was made with onions, garlic, crushed tomatoes, thyme, lentils, and cashew cream.  Isa seems to use the cashew cream a lot, hence her mantra “always be soaking” (as in soaking the raw cashews).  The sauce reminded me of vodka sauce (minus the vodka) but was hearty with the added lentils.  Definitely one I’ll make again.


Two Days (2003) –


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