8 thoughts on “There Will Be Blood

  1. My mum and terrible problems regulating the Coumadin after having a pacemaker fitted… I got the phone call one day… Take your mum straight to EMG dept her INR is to high and she can have a bleed… Also all sorts of things effect the readings especially certain foods..other medications etc… Mum had to have tests every week and often it was wrong… She seemed to only need a very low dose of the Coumadin but now after battling this for three years she now takes a low dose of aspirin each day to thin the blood and that works much better for her.. So I know what a problem this can be… Hope things settle soon for her…

    • Good to know about the aspirin. We’ll have to ask if that’s a better option. Coumadin just seems SO fickle! Hopefully now they will monitor her more frequently until it regulates. Thanks for sharing your Mom’s story!!

  2. Oh Michele,

    So glad to hear that your Mom is where she needs to be and hopefully now she can get back to feeling better. I don’t know her but from the way you talk about her, she seems way too sweet to be feeling so poorly!
    Know that prayers are with her heavy right now and for all of you that soon she’ll be back to normal!!
    The INR levels can be very scary. I know my husbands were always very regular and as of late, all over the place. We have changed our eating and I know that makes a difference and he was taking some herbal meds that made it go wild too. When you have the valve issues and Afib, you’ve got to have the right balance and it’s hard when it’s all over the place.

    Hope things get better very soon!!

    • Our understanding of INR levels and Coumadin have been taken to a whole new level in the past 24 hours! We knew “greens” impacted it, but really, it can be impacted by a lot of things. And even though so many people are saying “avoid greens”, we learned that that isn’t necessarily true. It’s about finding the right balance. But the issue here is that they should have been monitoring more regularly than every 2 weeks post-surgery. The surgeon was completely ticked. We are very lucky that she survived this, quite honestly. It was pretty bad.

  3. Michele,

    Exactly. Greens do not have to be given up, but a regularity has to happen. If she eats them, have her eat the same amount most all the time. Yes, the monitoring was/is important.

    • It’s amazing, Gina, that all along doctors and nurses have been saying “no greens” to my mom. The surgeon (who we really trust) said “yes, you can eat greens… just be consistent… same amount every day”, which is great. The high INR had nothing to do with greens, though, since she wasn’t really eating much of anything. It had everything to do with not being properly monitored.
      I’ll get you the recipe… and thank you!!

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