I Remember You

First, Happy 54th Anniversary to my parents!!  I have been blessed with the most amazing parents and I thank God every day for them.


It’s a shame that my parents’ anniversary is forever linked to another anniversary, but today is also the 15th anniversary of Ray’s death.  For me, it’s important to remember this anniversary for so many reasons.  As I posted on Facebook tonight, it’s such a reminder of how fleeting life is.  We should never take any day for granted.

Ray lived his life with enormous joy, and those he loved KNEW he loved them. There was no question.  He laughed often and filled the world with his incredible musical talents.  When Ray died, I think every friend he ever had in his life came to the viewing… over 700 people came. Most of them, he been friends with his whole life.  It was such a tribute to the person that he was, to be surrounded by so many friends in his final days and at his burial.  I opted to use 8 pallbearers because I didn’t want to leave out some of those closest to him… they all represented some facet of his life:  family, childhood, music, karate, work.

It is very surreal to me that all of this happened 15 years ago.  So much has happened in those 15 years, and I think Ray continues to watch over me.  I know he would be proud of me, and of the joy in my own life.  He only ever wanted me to be happy.  His memory makes me remember… to be happy.  To live life to its fullest.  To spend time laughing with family and friends.  To love deeply.  Good lessons for us all.


I Remember You (2014) – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2654522/


2 thoughts on “I Remember You

  1. Thinking of you Michele. Knowing that this is not a sad day but to remember just how precious our life here really is. Who better than you to realize it too. I am thankful that I have reconnected with you again. I have so enjoyed it.

    A very happy anniversary to your parents. I have a similar day of combined memory and celebration. My dad passed 15 yrs ago coming up in July. On Spencer’s 9th birthday.

    Something tells me Ray and Carl (my dad) are making lots of music in heaven. I am sure that same year, Ray welcomed Carl as another who enjoyed this life but like him had done what he came to do, live his life with joy and love.

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