An exciting day at work today… well, not actually AT work, since we had about 8-10″ of snow… but you get my drift (no pun intended).  Anyway, today we received word that the Healthy Team that I belong to at work won the 2013 healthy team award for the company!  We were all so excited, I actually thought I would cry!  It’s so meaningful because we are all working so hard to improve our health, and the support that we provide each other really works.

Our “healthy team” started 2013 with a handful of people, and by the end of the year we had about 15 people on the team.  We meet periodically, share health-related information, discuss our progress on our specific goals, and encourage each other along the way.  The team’s achievements included weight loss, improved health measurements like cholesterol and blood pressure, being able to stop taking medications, running 5k’s, and eating healthier.  For winning, we’ll get our picture and be the featured story on the company’s intranet home page. We will also get achievement certificates signed by the company’s chief medical officer.  Pretty cool. For the group’s fearless leader, Deb, it was all about the picture, so I’m glad that worked out!  So proud of this group!!

We’re starting our 2014 strong, with some more new members, and a different structure to the meetings.  We are well positioned to be the 2014 champions as well!


An update on Mom:  I think she is doing great for being less than 2 weeks from her surgery.  She continues to have this super annoying cough that impacts her sleep, talking, etc.  I’m sure all that coughing isn’t making her surgical site feel too great.  I know she’d like to be feeling 100%, and she’s a bit impatient to get there, but we keep trying to reminder her how dramatic this surgery was and that it will take time.  Tomorrow Mom returns to the surgeon to get her staples out, so hopefully we can get something done about the cough.


No new recipes the past few days, but I did make another pot of that potato-leek soup!  It was SO good, and I had all the ingredients on hand….


Champions (1984) –


2 thoughts on “Champions

  1. Michele,

    Congratulations! That is an awesome award and you must be feeling pretty proud! I have to say I’m right along with you here and have enjoyed many of your recipes and ideas that help me on my way to a better way of living. I have never felt better, my tests are all in normal ranges now and the weight continues to come off.
    Know that not only are you helping yourself, but you have prompted so many others to do the same!!

    So glad to hear about Mom. I hope she can feel better with her cough so she can feel better all over. Prayers continue for her!

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