Dry Spell

As I mentioned yesterday, my hands (and feet) have been horribly cracked and split and chapped from this frigid weather (and probably also not enough water).  Two of my blogging friends recommended I use coconut oil, so I knew it was worth a shot.  Last night, I rubbed coconut oil on my feet and hands, and covered them with socks before going to bed.

The results were just short of miraculous!  While certainly not 100% repaired, they were significantly improved — smoother and less chapped.  I still have all the cracks on my hands, because they need to actually heal up.  But I will be doing this again tonight!


By the way, please do check out my friends’ blogs:

http://drlisamallen.wordpress.com/  (Nowhere to Run: My Journey from Half Marathon to Chemo Chair)

http://lymphnodetransplant.wordpress.com/  (One woman’s quest for better health… living with lympheodema)


The air is so dry, that I zap myself every time I touch something metal.  This includes those tiny little screws on the light switch plate.  How is it that I manage to get zapped every single time I turn on a light!  Lots of static going on!


I’ve been trying to drink more water this week and wouldn’t it figure that a water main break in nearby Scranton led to no drinking water available in the office today?  I feel badly for the people who will now be out of water for 3 days while they repair it.  Our office will be closed tomorrow so it will be a work from home day.  Lots of water at home, so no excuses!


Dry Spell (2013) – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2375036/


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