Rock Star

My mom is a rock star!  Or at least a star patient.  🙂

One day earlier than planned and expected, she was released from the hospital today.  Her numbers were excellent, she was able to walk the stairs, and she was feeling pretty good.  Her nurses kept commenting on what a model patient she was, and how they wished more of their patients were like her.  I’m always a big fan of those in the nursing profession, and I appreciate what kindness and great care they gave my mother.  We were so surprised that she was getting out today, that I didn’t even have a chance to get the nurses a gift.  I’ll have to send something tomorrow.

She is, of course, thrilled to be home and is anxious to take a shower.  I know from my prior hospitalizations, there’s nothing like getting home and taking that warm shower.  Heavenly!

Thanks again for all your prayers and good wishes… clearly, they worked!


This week, I have been preparing a lot of my quick go-to meals, since I have been running to the hospital after work.  Tonight, it was one of my favorites, Spinach & Lemon Pesto Pasta.  (  But tonight, I thought I would let Ethan cook!  Since his homework was done, and he was just playing video games, it seemed like a good idea… and it was!  He did a great job making the pesto.  It’s a pretty easy dish, and he needed only a little guidance.  I think I’m on to something here!


Two of my favorite blogging pals yesterday recommended coconut oil on my hands at bedtime to help with the severe chapping and cracking.  Luckily, I have a big jar on hand and I’m all set for tonight.  I need to do something, and if Helen and Dr. Lisa suggest it, I know it’s a good idea!


Rock Star (2001) –

5 thoughts on “Rock Star

  1. So glad your Mom is home, Michele!! Prayers will continue that things go well at home. The simple pleasures of a shower. Nothing like it!! It has to weigh a lot less heavy on you as well, having her home.
    That recipe sounds heavenly. Nice whole wheat pasta of some persuasion, sounds awesome. I will be making that.

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