I finally got around to calling the spa at the Flamingo Resort to book my massage!  I opted for a “classic Swedish” massage and was surprised to hear I had a choice of 50 minutes or 80 minutes!!  In a moment of weakness, I, of course, signed up for the 80 minutes.  🙂  I can’t wait for the trip (have I mentioned that lately?).  I haven’t had a massage in quite a long time — not since my breast cancer diagnosis.  During treatment, with a compromised immune system, it didn’t make sense to risk it.  Following treatment, I was contending with all the joint pain from the Femara.  I just didn’t think I could tolerate it.

So now that the Femara is long gone, along with all the pain, it’s time to indulge and relax.

Speaking of the Femara, Wednesday is my next follow up appointment with my oncologist.  And it’s time to come clean… as in I need to let her know that I stopped taking the Femara.  She doesn’t know, and she won’t be happy.  I’m actually a little scared!  (She’s tough!)  I keep anticipating how that conversation will go and am trying to prepare a response.  She tends to put me on the defensive right away, with her wonderful communication style.  I’m trying to prepare myself so I don’t react badly…but she tends to bring out the worst in me.  Gotta love that in a doctor!


Relax (2005) –


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