The Kitchen

With church, grocery shopping and Christmas un-decorating out the way yesterday, I got to spend the majority of the day in the kitchen.  I made some home fries for the boys for their breakfast, made some “save the tuna” salad for lunch, and worked on dinner for today and tomorrow.  Tonight’s dinner was Thai Tacos from Habby Herbivore’s Light and Lean Cookbook, and tomorrow we have Shep’s Pie.  Yes, a vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie!

The tacos weren’t one of my favorites, so I probably won’t make those again.  Ethan didn’t try them, and David only ate one.  The shepherd’s pie looks great, though.  Since the recipe only served two, I quadrupled the recipe.  And instead of making it in individual ramekins, I made it in a large baking dish.  Tomorrow, I will just need to re-heat in the oven.  I probably won’t make this one on a regular basis, because it was a lot of work for a quadrupled batch!  Homemade vegan “beef broth”.  Mashed potatoes.  Cooked lentils.  And lots of chopped veggies.  For regular work nights, I really need something quicker.


With all the standing and walking around the kitchen today (not to mention five loads of laundry and multiple trips up and down the stairs), I am sorely disappointed with the number of steps on my FitBit.  As I write this, I’m at a lowly 3,375.  My husband has 4,728, and he even spent some time on the couch watching football.  He hit 10,000 easily the past several days, where my best day this past week was just over 7,000.  I think he cheats!  🙂  I definitely have to figure out how to get moving more.


The Kitchen (2012) –


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