The Muppet Christmas Carol

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since December 13th!  Ten whole days.  I’ve been wanting to– and meaning to.  I have so much in my head to write about but just haven’t had time to sit and put fingers to keyboard.  So let’s try to get a little caught up here, shall we? 🙂


I have had a few people recently wonder where my holiday spirit is coming from.  Apparently, I have been noticeably in Christmas mode, including cheerfulness.  (Trust me, there are those who would argue with that!)  But I really have been enjoying this holiday season.

I have been listening to Christmas music since the day after Thanksgiving.  Usually I get sick of it after a while, but I have listened to it every single day, singing along to my heart’s content.  I even had a little help from Ethan and my nieces from time to time.  Today, I listened to the “Trans-Siberian Orchestra” channel on Pandora for about 12 hours (seriously!).

I’ve enjoyed the baking with Mom, the shopping with my hubby, and even the wrapping, which I typically dread.  The tree is beautiful and I can’t wait for Christmas Eve dinner — my favorite meal of the year — and family time!  We even had fun with gingerbread houses and other Christmas crafts.

So what is the reason for this extra holiday energy?  I can only explain it with the help of “A Christmas Carol”…  The Ghost of Christmas Past took me to just last year.  At this same time a year ago, I had just finished my fifth chemo treatment.  I was tired, bald, suffering from muscle aches and fatigue, had low blood counts, and I couldn’t enjoy the usual holiday activities.  Shopping in a mall was out, I hadn’t the energy for baking, and my crappy taste buds ruined all my favorite foods.  I made the best of it, and enjoyed time with family, but I was pretty limited.

Here we are a whole year later… and that brings me to The Ghost of Christmas Present:  feeling better than I remember feeling in a long time!  I have great energy, and I appreciate so much more all these things that I missed last year.  Maybe it’s corny to say, but I’m grateful to be alive and I want to savor all of these holiday moments with my family, especially Ethan.

As for The Ghost of Christmas Future, who knows?  None of us really do.  I can only pray that I have many more holidays ahead and that I will carry some of this year’s spirit with me always.  For now, I plan to sing my way through the holiday with all the joy I can muster!


By the way, in case you are wondering why I picked The Muppet Christmas Carol over any other version of A Christmas Carol, it’s because this past weekend’s sermon at church referenced it… it was fresh in my mind.  (And in case you are interested in how The Muppet Christmas Carol can relate to church, here’s the link to the message:

“Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of things that May be, only?”
~ Ebenezer Scrooge


The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) –


7 thoughts on “The Muppet Christmas Carol

  1. So good to hear that you have lots of energy and are enjoying this beautiful Christmas season. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. I love the Muppet Christmas Carol. My dad & I have been enjoying it for many years. A very inspiring post… I’m so happy for you & your family that this Christmas you have the ability, energy, and grateful heart to enjoy the simple yet magical moments of the season. Having you in their lives is the best gift of all! Merry Christmas to you and yours & may 2014 continue to bring good health and happiness. Love, Christine

    • Thank you, Christine! Interestingly enough, this was one Christmas movie I had never seen in its entirety, so after church we ran to Target to get a copy! We watched it Sunday afternoon. 🙂 Sounds like a great tradition with you and your dad. I love all those little traditions… they make the season special. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well! I value our friendship and hope you have a wonderful 2014!

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