This past week I have had several people ask me about juicing and for recommendations on juicers.  I thought it was worth discussing again given the recent increased interested.

First, I think it’s important to discuss the difference between juicing and blending.  Juicing removes the pulp and gives you only the juice.  Blending retains the pulp and makes more of a smoothie.  I think a lot of people use the generic term of “juicing” to cover both.  The challenge in making a recommendation on a “juicer” without clarification of these two terms is that someone might really be thinking “smoothies” and end up with the wrong tool.

I like to share the following article on Kris Carr’s website (as she’s my hero):

The following article does a little bit better job discussing the pros and cons of each:

Once you decide which one you want to do, you have to decide what machine you want.  I have my share of gadgets, but what we primarily use are the following:

  1. Cuisinart Juice Extractor (CJE-1000).  This is a centrifugal juicer and this was primarily what we use for juicing.  It handles just about anything, although leafy greens seem to blow through too quickly to get much juice extracted.  (Currently $120 on Amazon)  It is a bit of a pain to clean, but otherwise, I love it.
  2. Lexen Healthy Juicer (GP-27).  I use this for juicing my wheatgrass and other leafy greens.  This is a masticating juicer and it handles the greens really well. You can use it for just about anything, but you may have to chop the harder vegetables up a bit more.  This cleans up much easier, as it’s smaller and comes apart easily.
  3. Magic Bullet.  We use this for our smoothies.
  4. Cuisinart food processor.  Also used (rarely) for smoothies.  (I do make my banana ice cream in this!)

And here’s more information than you ever cared to know about the different types of juicers:


Beetlejuice (1988) –


4 thoughts on “Beetlejuice

  1. I love juicing and my juicer is so old but it does a great job.. I have had it at least 20 years and bought it at a school fete second hand for $5 … Best deal ever and I did know the previous owner who had it in a cupboard unused!!! 🍏🍊🍒

  2. Thank u for the juicing tips. I have wanted to start for years, but the fear of the unknown stopped me. The information you shared was very helpful. I plan to move forward with bringing juicing into my healthy living plan. Again, appreciate the tips.

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