The other morning, as I was making breakfast for Ethan before school, he said to me, quite seriously, “you know what I really want for Christmas?”  Considering I am all done shopping for him, I was worried about what was being added to the list.  So I tentatively replied, “and what would that be?”


Ethan was (is?) a big milk drinker.  He drank way too much and the more I read about milk (and animal protein, in general), the more I wanted to curb the consumption.  Over time, we got to the point where I do not even buy regular milk for my house.  He does still get milk at Grandma’s and at school, so it’s not like he completely eliminated it.  As I thought about it, my guilt subsided a little.

Today I picked up a half gallon of organic milk to give him a little taste of what he has been missing.  (It really is like a drug for him!)  What struck me though was the the “sell by” date… February 8, 2014.  Really?  For milk????   I checked the ingredient list to see if there were any odd preservatives and there was nothing I could find.  I certainly don’t expect it to last that long, so no big deal, but it just seemed odd to me.


And what goes well with milk?  Cookies!

I have a few days off from work to get some Christmas preparations done.  I spent the majority of today baking cookies with my mom.  She’s an awesome baker and, growing up, she and I spent a lot of time together baking Christmas cookies.  We have great memories of trying new recipes and techniques, as well as me learning how to roll out sugar cookies or making spritz/pressed cookies.  (I did eventually master those skills.)  Over the years, I have had less and less of an opportunity to bake with Mom, as the demands of life take more time, but I really wanted to make some time to help this year.

We were a great team — I did all the mixing and rolling, and Mom did the oven duty and clean up.  We completed five batches of peanut butter blossoms, four batches of Russian tea cookies, and four batches of cherry bon bons (my personal favorite).  It was somewhere around 450 cookies… only another 1000 or so to go!  Not bad for one day!  I’d love to have an opportunity to help her with more of them.  Maybe if I get my shopping finalized and wrapping done tomorrow…

In case you are wondering, I ate exactly ONE cookie all day!  (I confess to tasting the batter a few times…)  I’m pretty proud of myself for that.  While I try not to eat a lot of sugar (and all the other ingredients in the cookies), they are homemade and I know what all the ingredients are.  Besides, it’s Christmas and I do plan to enjoy / indulge at least a little!


Milk (2008) –


7 thoughts on “Milk

  1. Hi Michele! The cookies sound delicious! I don’t know what kind of organic milk you bought, but many are ultra pasteurized. Apparently, that means they heat the milk up to some incredibly high temperature so it will last longer. Stores like whole foods, Earth fare and other natural foods markets sometimes offer organic milk which is just normally pasteurized. When possible that’s what I try to buy. We also can’t give milk up entirely either 🙂

  2. Thanks for the milk post. We are not huge milk people, but I used to be. I always have a gallon of skim for Mel but have been getting more and more of the almond and coconut varieties. I have a client who is always getting me to try all the organic stuff. With eating better I have just been trying more and more organic. She said the organic milk and eggs are something else, much better taste.
    Interesting about the heating method. I have to read up on that. Do you notice the taste is better?
    The cookies have not been baked here yet this year. We are trying to figure out what kinds and just how many we need. We really have no desire this year to even make any but I know for the kids and for my guests, we have to make some! LOL

  3. May I comment once more about the milk? When we lived in Switzerland we bought our milk from the local cheese store who collected the milk from the farmers in our little area and pasteurized it to sell. It was very fresh and we loved it. It only kept for a week at most. (The use of antibiotics and hormones in farming has long been prohibited in Switzerland so that was never an issue.) Now we live here in the USA, and it is difficult to find milk that tastes as good as the milk we had in Switzerland. The closest is the organic milk that is just normally pasteurized, not ultra pasteurized.

    • I definitely remember how creamy the Swiss milk was in my coffee! I was never able to replicate the deliciousness of the coffee you would make! I’m sure it is a struggle to find the equivalent here.the US needs to get caught up Switzerland in the banning of unhealthy methods.

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