An Ideal Husband

Thanks to all of you who have asked about David.  He’s doing well and spent the day at home recuperating from his stay at the hospital.  Lord knows you don’t actually get any rest in the hospital, so he got caught up on some sleep today.

So I should share with you that I have been nagging him about a few things over the past year.  Not that I think any of these things have to do with Wednesday’s episode, but “maybe”…  As I have become healthier, I have wanted to bring him along for the ride, but he’s been a little resistant.  For those of you who know David, this will come as no surprise.  🙂

So the “few” things:

  • Coffee.  David drinks an estimated 20 or so cups of coffee a day.  No, this is not an exaggeration.  Our naturalist has already talked to him about the high acidity of coffee, as this was the cause of a chronic skin condition he was dealing with over a year ago.  That was when he cut back from 30 to 20 cups and his skin got better (we also try to alkalize with our daily green smoothies).  Coffee does have some health benefits.  In moderation.  As in 2-4 cups a day.  Too much coffee contributes to his acid reflux (he could get rid of the Prilosec!), and inhibits absorption of nutrients because it stimulates the digestive system. There are a number of other negative side effects that I won’t get into, but at least it doesn’t seem to affect his sleep (not even when he drinks a pot of coffee before bed).
    With the coffee comes that flavored creamer crap.  At 20 cups a day, he’s probably drinking 2 cups of processed fat & sugar.  Way too many nutritionally-deficient calories.
    My thanks to Miranda (my niece) for the following image she shared with David tonight:
  • Diet Coke / Aspartame.  One of his cousins posted something about the negative effects of aspartame of FaceBook today and David was talking to me about this article (all of a sudden he is enlightened?!) Apparently he missed the 200 times I brought up these same issues over the past year or so…  He has been doing a little better on this, but I’d like to see it disappear from the fridge (by dumping it down the drain, not drinking it).
  • Lipitor.  With all the healthier eating we have been doing this year, I think he can probably safely stop this statin drug and manage via diet only.  I worry about the long-term side effects of prolonged use and, as my own cholesterol dropped by 50 points when I went plant based, I know we can do this without drugs.
    Speaking of Lipitor, I wanted to share a great post about the new guidance on statin drugs.  Apparently the pharmaceutical companies aren’t making enough money on their cash cow and they need more… so new customers must be found.  This post is from my compadre in breast cancer and healthy living , Lisa. Be sure to watch the video included!


An Ideal Husband (1999) –


6 thoughts on “An Ideal Husband

  1. Holy caffeine! Thanks so much for the mention! It’s possible that your husband is deficient in b12, which can cause a world of trouble. Prilosec eliminates the acid which is necessary to absorb b12 and iron. Symptoms of b12 deficiency are numbness, tingling, weakness, pale skin, and shortness of breath. Because the heart is also working harder to carry oxygen, it can mimic signs of heart disease or heart attack.

    Acid reflux is usually caused by too little stomach acid, not too much. Food is not properly broken down before it enters the esophagus, so it remains there longer than it should creating the burning and bloating.

    • “Holy caffeine” is right!!! Thanks for the info on the B12. He does take B6, and I thought he had been taking a B complex, but he said no. We will definitely take a look into that. Have a great day!

  2. Michele,

    Just getting to your post from yesterday. OMgoodness, that did sound crazy you trying to finally get to the hospital after making the command decision to send the ambulance! Sometimes we have to do those things!

    So glad that they found nothing, even though finding nothing can sometimes be discouraging. I know this happened with my husband too and he was admitted and things checked out, finding nothing. He does do a stressful job and they blamed it on stress, giving him something to take in case he felt that again. (he is a 911 dispatcher)

    I agree with the coffee in take, (even though I am a coffeeholic). That seems like a lot. I do use Splenda but to me that feels a bit different? LOL

    Anyway, perhaps you can find some link to stress in the job place or even a cumulative stress of all you’ve all been through.

    I did read that article about the statin and you do have to wonder. I am of two minds about it. As much as I don’t like to take one more medicine, I would hate to put myself in risk of having a stroke or heart trouble. 2 months ago, after going to my annual doctor’s visit, Will and I got our bloodwork back. Will’s lipid profile was perfect. Mine was not. I knew it wasn’t going to be. With my mom’s flood and getting her back together again and having her live here, I had cooked myself into an eating frenzy. Long story short, my doctor wanted me to go on a statin and recheck in 2 mo. I explained I did not want to use a statin and would prefer to try to take care of it myself. The nurse sighed. I said I know you must hear this all the time but I really would like a 2 mo. reprieve. If you would kindly ask the doctor to let me try to control this for 2 mo. and recheck then, trying my own approach, I would appreciate it. She called back later in the day and said the doctor thought that was reasonable and good luck.
    Well, Monday is 2 mo. I have my doctor’s note for a lipid profile. I have read everything I could get my hands on and read your ideas and good cooking recipes. As excited as I am to have it retaken, I am nervous. I have experimented with good fats this go around and have to say I’m a bit nervous about that as much as I love that new concept. I have most generally been overweight my whole life, so giving myself the opportunity to trust myself and allow myself to each good things with high calorie count because they were good for me was a new concept. So, we’ll find out. My weight is down 28.4 pounds, so I am hoping my bloodwork is similar.

    Thank you for all your ideas about eating. I do believe you were a part of my already on board attitude.
    I do hope David listens to you and cuts back even, on some things that aren’t in the moderation category.
    (Sorry for the book)

    • Hmmm… Splenda… Yeah, I would recommend getting rid of that also! I use Stevia in the Raw, and really only use it in my coffee or tea. I only drink coffee about once a week (requiring a full packet). I typically drink organic green tea (using half a packet).
      I’m glad you took the diet route for the cholesterol, as opposed to the statins. They really aren’t good for your liver, based on how they work, in the long term. I think 28.4 pounds is AWESOME! Congrats on that!!! And I have to believe you will see a decrease in your numbers. Hopefully, even if not exactly where they need to be, the doctor will view the lifestyle changes as contributing to the reduction and will give you more time. Remember: you are in control, not the doctor. Just because they recommend something, doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it. (Think of my debate on the Femara…) For me, my numbers got immensely better when I went to a whole-foods, plant-based diet. My cholesterol, as I have mentioned, dropped 50 points, and my triglycerides dropped 101!!!! Outside of what your body makes, animal protein is the only place you can get cholesterol, so reducing meat and dairy will go a long way to improving your numbers. Good luck… and keep me posted!
      I am glad that my blog has in some way helped you. It’s really the reason I keep doing it. 🙂
      Have a great weekend!

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