Sweet Relief

Today’s colonoscopy was a breeze.  It truly is the prepping that is the hard part.  I think more people who go for this testing if they could design an easier way to prep.

We arrived at the surgical center at 6:30 a.m. and I got quickly checked in.  I’ve never been weighed as part of a surgical procedure before, but I was happy to see I was down 4 pounds since yesterday morning!  🙂  The nurse who was taking care of me did the best IV I’ve ever had.  Usually they burn like crazy, but it was really not too bad today.  I was loaded with lots of wrist band… identification, allergies and, of course, the limit alert notifying them not to use my right arm (due to the lymphedema).

They rolled me back to the procedure room and I remember absolutely nothing until I was waking up (even though I allegedly conversed with them).  I was quite relieved to hear that all was clear / normal.  Whew.  As I said yesterday, I wasn’t really worried, as I have no symptoms and have been living pretty clean, but given my history, I sure didn’t want to be overly confident.  I’m good now for a five years.


I watched “Hungry for Change” yesterday.  You can find it on Netflix.  In a similar vein to “Forks Over Knives”, I recommend it to all of you considering a healthier lifestyle.  I was happy to see Kris Carr featured on the film, along with many other nutritional experts.  Two things that I learned:

  1. Food kills more people per year than all drugs combined.
  2. Your skin is the last place to get nutrients, so if you skin looks better, the nutrition is getting everywhere else.  (Considering the compliments I got on my skin and nails this past weekend, this statement made me feel really good about how nourished the rest of my cells must be!)


Sweet Relief (In Development) – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0485287/


2 thoughts on “Sweet Relief

  1. So glad it is over for you. I agree the prep is not pleasant but it makes the test a breeze indeed! I have a friend who lives in MO, who said she was prescribed Miralax for the prep. OH I wish! I want that for colonoscopies!

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