It’s been exactly 10 months since I received my last chemotherapy treatment (Adriamycin, Cytoxan, Taxotere).  The time has gone by quickly and I was deluding myself in thinking that I would rebound quickly from the treatments.  I’m sure I am experiencing residual effects from the Femara also, but I think many things can be attributed to the chemo.  It is, afterall, poison that is put into your veins.  No doubt there are still toxins lurking in my body.

The most lasting residual effect of the chemo is definitely the impact to my memory.  My short-term memory is pretty pathetic, and even long term memories are tough some days.  I can run into people I’ve known my whole life and absolutely panic over the fact that I cannot think of their name.  Granted the aging process is also a contributor to this, but some days I really worry myself!  It isn’t bad enough to impact my daily functioning, but it can be frustrating and embarrassing!

As I mentioned in a recent blog, my vision has suffered and I need to get that appointment made so I can get some decent glasses.  (But alas, due to above mentioned issue, I keep forgetting!)

The joint pain from the Femara is better but still lingers.  Some days are better than others, but I look forward to a day that I wake up with no pain in my joints.  Occupational and physical therapy have been a great help to the pain in my shoulder from the lymphedema.  But I still have pain that I had during chemo; specifically, the soft parts of my feet are very sensitive and feel inflamed a lot.

My energy level is getting better but it still really hits me from time to time.  I wonder how long it really takes for all those toxins to leave your body.  If you read some of the more traditional medical sites, they will tell you “days” or at most “weeks”… but when reading discussion threads, blogs and such, the story is very different.  Those who live this note the “lasting effects” lasting a very long time.  Years even.

I certainly understand my body will never ever be the same.  I hope that my juicing, clean diet, and supplements will all continue to help me heal, and I truly believe I’m in a better place than I would be if I didn’t do any of those things.  With only 10 months chemo-free, I’ll continue to be patient with myself and be grateful that I am doing as well as I am.  No major complaints here (now that I quit the Femara), just reflecting on where I am after 10 months.  I still can’t believe it’s been that long!  Where has the time gone???


Residual (2012) –


2 thoughts on “Residual

  1. My vision has really suffered also. Thanks chemo! And I hear you about the memory thing. Have you ever been on the phone with someone and started to give them your number, but you can’t remember what it is? They act like you’re nuts when you explain that you never call yourself and laugh nervously.
    One thing that seems to help is phosphatidyl serine. It takes a couple weeks to get built up in your system, but I notice that my recall is better. As a bonus, it helps you sleep better because it modulates cortisol, the stress hormone. I take 2 before bed.

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