Cast Away

Usually ahead the game in the Christmas shopping arena, I thought I would let my husband know that I would love some new pots and pans as a gift.  I still needed to do some research on the best kind, but I knew that I wanted a cast iron skillet to replace the large T-Fal frying pan that I have been using forever.  As the T-Fal is getting worn down, there is no doubt that some of that coating is making it’s way to my food. (Do they even make T-Fal anymore…?)

As packages arrive somewhat daily at my house pre-Christmas (David is quite the shopper…), I did’t think anything of the heavy box that arrived the other day.  But when David got home, he told me to open it and, sure enough, there was the largest cast iron skillet I have ever seen!  (15 1/2″ to be exact).  I told David to put it away for Christmas, but he insisted that I keep it out, as I do cook all the time and would surely use it.

I will have to store it in the oven, as it will never fit anywhere else.  I could potentially use it as a weapon, assuming I could ever lift it!  🙂  All kidding aside, I am sure I will put it to good use, and am grateful to David for getting it for me.  (For those who know David’s shopping prowess, it goes without saying that it was on sale!)

To provide some perspective on how big it is, here it is in proportion to the stove top:

photo (26)


Cast Away (2000) –


5 thoughts on “Cast Away

  1. I love a big pan like that!! Love good cooking utensils and cookware! Yes, they do make T-fal yet. My son who just moved into his own home, realized after college and a year here, somewhere he had misplaced his hodge podged set of pots and pans. When we went down to see him a couple of weeks ago, my husband suggested we bring him our 12 yr old set of T-fal and get ourselves another set. We went all over and finally found the best deal at Walmart. It was a large and small frying pan set, dutch oven, large and small saucepan, 5 utensils and a bonus griddle, for $67. Couldn’t beat it, so we grabbed it. I love them. The lids are glass and clear with small and large holes on either side to let out steam or liquid. The pan itself has pour spouts made right into the pan. I really love them and would highly recommend T-Fal again.

  2. I started using (again) cast iron last year. I love it, just remember to season it every time you use it, and make sure you burn every bit of water off it before you season with oil and heat. I’m looking forward to reading about the meals you’ll be cooking on it!

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