Plastic Planet

The debate about microwave uses continues and I just can’t bring myself to stop using it.  Eating healthy is hard enough; I really can’t imagine not have some conveniences, including easily heating food.  Using a microwave is especially hard at work if I want to heat up any leftovers.  I am still on the hunt for some glass storage containers, but for now, I still need to use plastic.  I dread the thought of nuking the plastic and can’t help but wonder what toxins I am leeching into my food.

The other day, I took a healthy organic tomato soup — in one of those containers that won ton soup comes in from the Chinese restaurant.  Pretty sturdy construction.  However, when I took my soup out of the microwave, there were holes melted into the lid.  That can’t be good, can it?  I really need to get shopping for the glass…


Speaking of toxins, last night I spent some time wondering about acetone.  (Seriously.)  I had painted my finger nails with a lovely bright pink glitter polish for last week’s Ladies in Pink party. I finally got around to removing it last night.  Typically, it takes me about 30 seconds to remove my nail polish.  Glitter polish?  30 minutes!!!  I was soaking and scrubbing and buffing; it took forever.  The whole time I was smelling that stinky remover, I was thinking, again, “this can’t be good”.  So I looked it up tonight… here’s one of the articles.  I guess it is a toxin.  I wonder how much is too much.  With all my healthy eating, my nails grow like crazy and look quite nice.  I would hate to give that up!  (Trust me, I acknowledge that I may be over thinking some of this.  I guess cancer will do that to you.)


Plastic Planet (2009) –


4 thoughts on “Plastic Planet

  1. I had the exact same thoughts when I took off some stubborn polish last week. There’s so much toxicity around us. It’s no wonder people get cancer. But then there are people like my mom who smoke for years, drink daily, use Premarin and practically bathe in bleach and ammonia and never get anything. It’ll drive you nuts wondering why!

  2. Sadly the air we breath has toxins … At work i notice the dust is very black as I am near a railway line… When you go to the mountains in clean air you feel the difference

    • Yes – toxins everywhere. I don’t like the sound of that black dust! Luckily I live and work in a mountainous area so the air is decent, but just this week I reported at work a chemical smell in one of the stairwells. I think it was a cleaning solution but it was really strong. You really can’t escape it, unfortunately.

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