Hector’s Hectic Life

I seem to be having such a hard time finding time to write these days.  At least I had a good excuse the past few days:  a weekend in Virginia visiting my brother and family, followed by Ethan’s baptism celebration at church on Sunday.  Monday it was back to work, along with physical therapy, an orthodontist appointment for Ethan, and band practice.  At least I slept well last night!

I have to thank my brother and sister-in-law for going above and beyond to feed me vegetarian dishes.  I appreciated the fruit salads, the veggie quiche, and the veggie minestrone soup!  I do think I ate a bit too much, as heartburn set in on Sunday!  But it was all yummy!

The rest of the week continues to be hectic, with hair cuts, more PT, more orthodontist, and a bunch of stuff that’s been building up.  I’m feeling a little behind on a lot of things.  Trying not to get too stressed about it all.  Breathe!


A coworker shared a new cookbook with me today — “American Wholefoods Cuisine”.  It says it’s a vegetarian “Joy of Cooking”.  I look forward to perusing it for more great recipes!

With my busyness the past few days, I did not get to menu planning or shopping.  Thanks to a conversation with my cousin, I remembered that I had a spaghetti squash.  I found a delicious new recipe on the internet.  It was a Mediterranean style dish and my only modification was to use veggie broth to saute’ the onions instead of oil.



I wanted to share the following information that my friend, Marian, posted the other day.  An ingredient list of something allegedly healthy listed an ingredient called interesterified soy bean oil.  Since that didn’t even seem like a real word, she looked it up.  Here’s an excerpt of what she found:  “Interesterified fats are not trans fats. However, they were developed to take the place of trans-fats in commercially produced baked goods and snack foods.  Interesterified fats have been chemically or enzymatically altered to improve their texture or nutritional profile…  We really don’t know much about these new fats yet, and their short and long term consequence on health have not been well researched.”  Personally, I think this is a tricky way for companies to advertise that they contain “no trans fats” while using something similar.  Watch out for that!


Hector’s Hectic Life (1948) – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0150876/


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