Lessons from Stepmom Before Dawn

I am reposting this from Misifusa because I loved the message and could related to the movie. I saw this movie shortly after my first husband died from leukemia, back in 1999. My friends thought it would be great to go out and catch a movie, followed by a few drinks. While we (sort of) had an idea what the movie was about, we had no idea the emotional ride we were in for! “Stepmom” teaches some great lessons, which I can relate to even more now as a Mom and 2-time cancer survivor, but I have to say, we all sobbed through the whole thing. I remember someone saying “who picked this movie???” since they were, after all, trying to cheer me up! A few people in the group couldn’t even go out for drinks afterwards since their make up was so smeared, and their emotions spent. Despite the hysterical sobbing, it’s a great memory and something we laugh about to this day.
Stepmom (1998) – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120686/

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stepmomScene from 1998 movie Stepmom ~ Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

I awoke early Friday morning.  So early in fact that it was still dark outside and the moon shone on the grass like the sun.  (which is why I’m including myself in the Daily Prompt). All was quiet in the house so I crept downstairs, careful not to awaken anyone, brewed myself a cup of coffee and turned on the TV.  I do enjoy that time of the day.  Just before dawn breaks and the world stirs into the action of the day.

As luck, synchronicity, coincidence would have it, the movie Stepmom began just as I settled in and I allowed myself the time to watch it with my full attention accompanied by our cat Tiffy who as always has to be in the know.

Someone recently told me that this was their favorite movie, so even though…

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