San Francisco

I am officially signed up for Dr. McDougall’s three day advanced study weekend in February.  I haven’t purchased airline tickets yet but I wanted to get my spot reserved.  The reservation includes my lodging at their “ranch” (my word, not theirs).  I hope the weather cooperates, as February is not the ideal travel time, but luckily I can cancel up to a week prior.  While I am not afraid to go myself, I would still welcome a travel companion.  If you’re interested, let me know.

From their website: “Offered twice a year, our Advanced Study weekends are dedicated to broadening your understanding of plant-food based nutrition as an alternative to excessive medical intervention.  We present the latest cutting-edge research to beginners and professionals alike, in an easy and accessible format.  You’ll come away educated, motivated and ready to take your health to the next level.”

I googled Santa Rosa; it’s about 60 miles north of San Francisco.  Hmm… maybe a quick visit to San Fran is in order while I’m there….?


Physical therapy was tough yesterday.  My PT said it would get worse before it got better and I did need to ice up my shoulder when I got home. A few Motrin and I was ready to roll.  A few days rest (well, not really since I have a series of exercises from OT and PT…) until the next session on Monday.


San Francisco (1936) –


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