The 7th annual Ladies in Pink Party was held today (the 2nd time for me).  With 530 women in attendance, it was the largest ever, and it continues to grow year over year.  This event, coordinated by sisters and friends of Michele Zini, who died from breast cancer several years ago, raises money to help women who are fighting breast cancer.  It also funds a scholarship in Michele’s name at one of the local high schools.

I was happy to be joined this year by 26 family and friends (up from 11 last year)!  It was so great to have so many more friends join the event.

I was actually a guest speaker today, as a 2012 former recipient of a Ladies in Pink award, lending my perspective about what it’s like to be a recipient and how their gift helped me.  This was, by far, my largest speaking engagement.  I had previously spoken to groups of 130 and 350, but this was huge.  I wasn’t nervous about speaking, per se, but about holding it together.  Every time I practiced the speech I got emotional.

I’m happy to say that I managed to keep it together, only choking up once.  I received a lot of great feedback from the Ladies in Pink committee, as well as my family and friends, so I’ll call the day a success.  I love what this group of women does and I look forward to supporting this event every year!

More photos to come after I get the full group shots from the photographer!



Pink (2009) –


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