Good Day For It

Today was a pretty good day, and not just because I only worked 1/2 day!

First, I got my tumor marker results and they were great.  Down even a bit from last time (from 16.85 to 15.43)… under 38 is where we want to be, so it feels good to have the number dropping.  Woo hoo!  Every time I get that done, I’ll be holding my breath until I get the results.  Also my chemistries were normal.

Second, I graduated from occupational therapy.  I had my final measurements today, and they showed a 3 cm reduction where the fluid build up was.  My therapist considered that significant improvement.  Interestingly enough, even though I never felt any lymph fluid in my arm, there was a decent reduction of my right forearm, as well.  My hand and upper arm showed minimal reduction.  Next week, I will have my physical therapy assessment on my right shoulder.

Next, I learned of a seminar in California in February that will feature many of the whole-food, plant-based gurus I have been reading.  I was so psyched and am really hoping to attend.  (Anyone interested in joining me?)

Lastly, I had my quarterly visit with my beloved naturalist.  Some weird things showed up on my scan and, of course, my hormones are still out of whack (thank you, Femara).  So I’ll be taking supplements for lymphatic system and lung support, heavy metal detox, reduction of inflammation, and hormone rebalancing.  It might sound like a lot, but it’s worth it!


Excellent new recipe tonight from Crazy Sexy Kitchen:  Veggie Quesadillas!  We all enjoyed these.  Definitely one I will make again.


Good Day for It (2011) –


5 thoughts on “Good Day For It

  1. Hello my friend! So happy to hear about your results..YAY!! I really hope you get to go to California. That would be a fun trip for you. Miss you and hugs to you!!

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