The Check Up

At work today I attended another outstanding diversity event.  Scott Chesney, a motivational speaker who happens to be a paraplegic, spoke.   As was Stephanie Janelle a few weeks ago, Scott was very inspiring.  A few things really struck me.

First, he said he never has a bad day.  He may have challenging moments, but never a bad day.   When he feels himself slipping into “bad day” mode, he reflects on his many blessings and that grateful spirit wins over.  It gives him the strength to get through that challenging moment.  I really loved that; gratitude can do wonders!  The second thing that stuck with me was this:  “Pain is inevitable; suffering is not”.  It’s up to you either quit or figure out how to get through it.  Powerful messages.


Today was my quarterly check up at the oncologist.  I feel bad saying this, but it was a bit of a waste of time.  They did draw 4 vials of blood, but I only got the CBC back.  The chemistries weren’t back yet because the PA, surprisingly, was on time and the rest of the labs weren’t done yet.  Also my tumor marker was taken but that won’t be ready until tomorrow.  So my BP was great (114/70), my counts were normal, and that was about it. We talked briefly about the Femara; I didn’t bother to tell her that I don’t take it every day.  She offered to leave the doctor a note about it, but I said not to bother.  She was pretty adamant last time I brought it up (I used the word “dictatorial” with the PA but she didn’t laugh).  I filled the PA in on my lymphedema story, and that was about it.  I guess all I really care about it getting that tumor marker number tomorrow.


An update on this week’s recipes:  The Southwest Calzone was good but not worth the work, in my opinion.  For once, David and Ethan loved them, and I was the one not as impressed.  Since it took time for the dough to rise, and work to roll the dough out, I’m not sure I would make these again.  I’m looking for simple.

As for the Coconut and Red Lentil Soup, that was excellent.  I would definitely make that one again.  The only problem I had is that the recipe calls for cumin seeds and coriander seeds.   You roast those in the pan before adding the ingredients, but the coriander seeds are big and I didn’t like the texture in the soup.  Felt like little pebbles.  I would just use regular coriander next time.  This was pretty easy to make and had a nice lemony tang.


The Check Up (2005) –


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