All Quiet on the Western Front

I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything.  The few times I did actually sit at the computer, my brain was empty.  It’s been a hectic week; I’ve been tired and, surprisingly, no words came.  Despite a lot of running the past week or so, it’s been relatively quiet on the health front.  I guess that’s good, right?  🙂

So just to catch up on a few things…

  • I heard from Best Doctors.  I received my report and am set up for an appointment with my case doctor next week.  More on that tomorrow.
  • The Sicilian Lentil Sauce was excellent and made lots.  I was able to freeze some, take some for lunch, and have leftovers one night.  It was great not to do anything but reheat!
  • Fish tacos were a big hit!  (although the red cabbage slaw didn’t seem to be a popular choice for add-ons)
  • Roasted peaches were yummy.  The only thing I did was reduce the amount of butter to a pea-sized amount.  (And no ice cream for me)
  • Therapy continues to go well.  I’m expanding my exercise repertoire and “advancing”, as they say.
  • Next week I’m off to the oncologist for a follow-up, and to my naturalist (yea!).
  • For now, I’m hoping to enjoy a quiet long weekend.


The Quiet (2005) –


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