Francis of Assisi

I am very fortunate to work for a great company.  I earn a good pay, have great benefits, am allowed flexibility when I need it, and have been supported in many ways during my cancer journeys.  Another thing I love about this company is it’s commitment to volunteerism.

Today was Global Volunteer Day.  Across the globe, employees dedicated a part of their day to a variety of charitable organizations.  In our area, there were five projects and 23 of us signed up for the St Francis of Assisi Soup Kitchen in Scranton.  I was happy to have David and Ethan both join me for 4 hours of work there.

David, with all his working out, got assigned to lots of heavy lifting jobs.  I spent most of my time doing what I’m good at:  cleaning and chopping vegetables!  I’m becoming a wiz with a knife, so it was the perfect assignment for me.  I’m especially proud of my 12-year-old who raked leaves, cleaned tables, washed the van, and did some inventory.  He was a real trooper and we all felt good about the assistance we were able to provide.  David and I both served on the food line and it was a great reminder of how very lucky we are.  In our house, good, healthy food is plentiful and all our needs are met.

We are blessed, and it felt great to payback some of the kindnesses that have been afforded me this past year.

Here are Ethan and I looking spectacular in our hair nets!

Soup Kitchen 2013.10.05 Ethan rev

Soup Kitchen 2013.10.05 Me


Francis of Assisi (1961) –


3 thoughts on “Francis of Assisi

  1. Michele, you are an inspiration to me. I feel so lucky to know you! What a wonderful young man Ethan is. Steph and I were talking about you and Dave today. You both have touched our hearts.

    • Awwww. Thanks! The feelings are definitely mutual! I am so glad you and Steph get to talk so regularly. You seem to have a really special friendship and it was great to experience that! Hope you are both well and enjoying the weekend! Hugs!

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