As you all know, I’m a reformed eater as of January 2013.  Whole food, plant based.  I try very hard to make the right choices always, but do not beat myself up if I slip up here and there.  I read (a lot) to keep myself informed but I have to say that it gets a little overwhelming.  It’s so hard to determine what’s the right thing to eat sometimes, and there are so many articles with conflicting information.

There are so many negative articles about things that are supposed to be good for you.  They contain pesticides, bacteria.  What happens to it at the farm / distributor / store…?  Just this week, I was reading about tea (really, is nothing sacred?) and tilapia.  I don’t eat a lot of fish, but when I do, it’s usually tilapia.  The headline are read “tilapia is worse than bacon” (seriously???).  Turns out it’s really about farm-raised fish in general, and a lot of “can be” information and I finally gave up on that article.

I take a lot of the articles in stride, but it can be overwhelming to the average consumer.  Is coffee good or bad for you?  How about wine?  Or olive oil?  Or yogurt?  It really depends on what article you read on what day of the week.

It’s expensive to eat organic and wild caught everything (or grass fed for you meat eaters).  And I think it’s just hard to do 100%.  But I believe it’s ok to be slightly imperfect.  I still believe a non-organic apple is better than a bag of chips.  And farm raised tilapia has to be better than a steak.

So my advise to me is: keep it whole as much as possible.  Buy organic when it makes sense.  Listen to your body.  And don’t be too hard on yourself when you stray.  Just get back on track.  

On that note, just for tonight, I say “screw it all”.  Mom made potato pancakes!


Decisions (2011) –


2 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Good for you. Sometimes you gotta just say screw it! LOL
    I do know just what you are saying about all the articles. A friend of mine told me about these spinach drinks. I look them up to see how to make them and the article I find, says they can be bad for you. I guess we do the best we can and try to eat as whole as we can.
    I’m with you!!

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