Second Best

Another update from Best Doctors today:  My case is now in the hands of the assigned “expert”.  They typically take up to 5 days to review and report back.  The response is then officially written up, a meeting with me scheduled, and the report is sent to me just prior to the review meeting.  They anticipate being ready about the middle of next week.  I can’t remember the exact date this all started, but that seems pretty quick to me.  Given the number of records they needed to collect, I’m actually impressed.  I will be very curious to read what the expert has to say.  Regardless of the response, I am glad I did this.

Physical therapy continues to go well.  I am feeling much less pain in my arm and continued increase in range of motion.  Still some work to be done, but I am glad I am seeing progress after only two weeks.  As always, I am the model patient and do my homework each day.  Self lymph massage, stretches and exercises.  It definitely pays off.  They anticipate I will need about 5-6 weeks of therapy, and with two down already, I’ll be done before I know it.

The only hard part is that I find I have very little time to do much of anything besides work, PT, cook and clean up.  I manage to squeeze blogging in, but find my house is in disarray and I’m feeling a bit disorganized.  Oh well.  It will have to wait.


Avocado Pesto Pasta – This was good, but I used a new pasta that was awful and that sort of ruined the dish for me.  The pasta was sticky and gummy for some reason.  I really didn’t like the texture or taste at all.  But I would make the pesto again:

Mushroom Marsala Sauce – This was a gravy that I served over a baked potato.  From Dr. McDougall’s site.  It was good but needed some salt, in my opinion.  I think the soy sauce was intended to add the salt, but since I used a low sodium soy, I needed more.  (It’s the last recipe on this page.)


Second Best (1994) –



2 thoughts on “Second Best

  1. Glad things are going well for you. Hang in there, like you said, short time ahead of you. Your house can wait another few weeks.

    The pesto pasta looks delicious but I love avocado. I will try that. Been trying to eat better. Have a week under my belt!

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