Road to Morocco

First, since I mentioned it in my last two posts, I thought I should share the link to Moroccan Lentil Soup.  It was excellent!  We sopped up the juices with some Italian bread (I know… not whole grain…), but the soup was savory and delicious.  There is not a drop of soup left!!

There are actually several recipes on this link.  You can scroll down or just search for “lentil”.

I finally figured out how to submit a question to Dr. McDougall’s Online Discussion Board.  I can’t wait to see what kind of responses I get.  I’m hoping his staff, as well as other’s in the same boat, do reply to my questions.  The topic, of course, is my ongoing debate about taking the Femara.  Risks of taking it versus risks of not taking.  I know what my heart and gut are telling me to do…

Of course, looking at my post now, it seems I have added it to the wrong section.  Hmmm…  Now to figure out how to edit…

Physical therapy continues to go well.  I am feeling an increase in my range of motion, and a little less pain.  I still have this weird burning pain in the fingers on my right hand sometimes, but no one seems to know what to do about that.  They look at me quizzically and shake their heads.  Can’t be anything normal, right?


Road to Morocco (1942) –


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