Forks Over Knives

Thanks to a link from a friend, I discovered Dr McDougall’s website.  I had heard of Dr McDougall through the Forks Over Knives site and other references in books but had, somehow, missed his whole website.  I spent a lot of time reading it over the weekend, in particular his “free” program.

There is a ton of great information on it — lots of recipes, for sure, and some different way of looking at Whole Food Plant Based eating.  For example, he recommends no more than 3 servings of fruit a day, due to the sugar content.  This could also slow down your weight loss.  Hmmm… I am probably in the 4-5-servings-a-day range, and this really made sense to me.  So now I’ll be swapping out one of those afternoon snacks with some veggies!

As I mentioned yesterday, we are having Moroccan Lentil Soup tonight, which is from his website.

I am looking to add a question to his forum, to have others chime in on my continuing Femara debate, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.  I will keep looking!  In the meantime, it’s a great resource.

Interesting that, just 9 months ago, I would have thought his recommendations were “extreme”.  But now, I’m pretty darn close to what he recommends.  Not 100% perfect, but not too shabby!

I also wanted to share the attached shopping list from WebMD.  I learned about this at work and it seems like a great tool.  Hopefully the attachment works.  It’s my first time adding an actual document to my blog!



Forks Over Knives (2011) –

I highly recommend you watch this!  It’s on NetFlix and Amazon.


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