The Informer

I received a call from Best Doctors yesterday; just an update to let me know their progress to date.  My case manager (I’m not sure what her official title is) did say that they had gathered about half of the requested documents so far (not bad in about a week!).   She also asked if there were any updates since we last spoke (yes… lymphedema and PT).  And asked what my current understanding of my disease and prognosis were.  Interesting question!  For all my research and reading and questions, I really don’t have a sense of “what now?” or what my odds are.

Do you ever hear the word “cured” or “remission” or “no evidence of disease” with breast cancer?  I know I haven’t, but I don’t know if they will ever say that.  But, other than quarterly checking of my blood work, is there anything more to follow up?  I know a lot of women have PET scans before and after.  I have never had one, nor is there ever talk of having one.  Should I?  (Definitely on my list for my next appointment, although it’s with the PA not the oncologist, so I’m not sure I’ll get an answer.)

My case manager was very open to these questions and will apparently include them in my list of questions for my second opinion.  I am looking forward to this assessment more than ever because I feel like I will be so much more informed, and it’s great that Best Doctors is prompting me with questions to raise more questions!

I was a good girl and did all my self-massage and exercises for the day.  I’m looking forward to my next PT session tomorrow.  I had a rough night with my arm.  I couldn’t get comfortable and didn’t sleep well, so I am anxious to get moving on therapy to get some relief.

I learned that a compression sleeve might not be a good option for me, since my fluid build up is not in my arm, but below my arm pit.  My OT suggested a compression shirt… who knew there was a such a thing?  But even better, as an alternative to the $250 shirt, she suggested buying some form fitting Under Armor as a less-expensive alternative.  (Yes, I know UA isn’t cheap either, but it’s not $250.)

No recipes tonight — it’s leftovers here!  We did enjoy a new juice this afternoon:  4 carrots, 1/2 large cucumber, 1″ ginger root, 1 pear and 2 oranges.  I did this one with the manual juicer since the other one was still in the dish washer.  The texture came out different, but it was delish!


The Informer (1935) –


5 thoughts on “The Informer

  1. There is a range here for sport called SKINS 400 … Although created for sport this range has compression and they do tops which may help.. I use there leggings when I go walking but you do need to get a tight size.. There is also a site Lymphedema products which has everything at very good prices once you know what you want… There are all sorts of things available..

    • It took me a moment to figure out “range” in your message. I’m assuming that’s a line of clothing / brand? I had not ever heard range used in that context! Thanks for the information; I will definitely look for it, as well as the site. My cousin suggested that Walmart has a knock off of the Under Armor brand that was cheaper and that I could try that first. As always, you are a wealth of information! Thank you very much!

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