Getting Physical

The day started with an early appointment at the urologist’s.  7:30 a.m. and parking spots are easy to find, even for a poor parallel park-er like me!  This appointment was the follow up from my UTI symptoms with no actual UTI.  But as you may recall, I was looking for an explanation for the high WBC and WBC Esterase.  The doctor attributed this to the Femara (or as he called it “tamoxifen-like drugs”) that affect the cells of the vaginal wall and contaminate the urine sample.  He was not concerned about the urine tests results at all.

When I talked to him about the flank pain (kidney), he also seemed unconcerned, but offered an ultrasound to play it safe.  I had the right and left kidney ultrasounds in the office and all looked good. Whew.  I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that the pain is likely a) small stones and/or b) Femara side effects.  He did also give me some scripts for repeat labs should the symptoms reappear.

My first physical therapy session was really great.  I love my PT (or actually, she is an OT), Amy.  Today was primarily evaluation and measurements, although she did show me some easy self-massages and a few exercises.  My goals will be management of the lymphedema, as well as improved range of motion (and reduction of pain) in my right arm.  In measuring the strength in my hands, we determined that my left hand is actually stronger than my right (50 pounds per square inch versus 35 ppsi).  This is unusual considering I am right-handed.

I was happy to hear that my insurance will cover up to 45 sessions (not that I necessarily need that many), and since both my deductible and max out of pocket have been met, it won’t cost me anything to go.  Woo hoo!

Amy offered to teach my husband how to do some of the massage.  I think his massages are too hard, so learning how to do gentle lymphatic massage would be really nice!

As for the Sloppy Lentil Joe’s, they were quite tasty.  The wrong type of lentils matter not.  I am glad I cooked these ahead of time, as dinner was ready quickly after PT tonight (and I have leftovers for another night in this busy week).  Here’s the link to the recipe.


Getting Physical (1984) –


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