The Busy Body

Busy day today:  church, grocery shopping, lunch with my boys, and cleaning up the garden.  Thanks to David, we were able to get all the Earthboxes emptied and washed out.  Nothing but a lone tomato plant left, but it does still have a lot of tomatoes on it, so why not?  We ended up with a pile of cute little pumpkins, but the spaghetti squash is still green, so not sure what to do with that.

2013 pumpkins from garden

It’s a crazy busy week ahead, so I spent some time in the kitchen this afternoon getting some meals ready.  One of them is the “Sloppy Lentil Joe’s” from Forks Over Knives.  That’s for dinner tomorrow night, so I’ll let you know how that one is.  It was my first attempt at cooking with lentils and I did buy the wrong kind (green instead of brown), but hopefully there’s no noticeable difference.  I considered running to the store for the correct type, but figured it didn’t hurt to try.

The busy week starts tomorrow with my long-awaited appointment with the urologist to follow up on my UTI symptoms with no actual UTI (likely Femara related).  7:30 a.m. appointment and then off to work.  The afternoon I have my first appointment with the physical therapist.  I’m looking forward to that, as the pain in my arm is quite unbearable at times, and I’m hoping they can confirm whether it is, indeed, lymphedema.  While I am certainly well-read on the subject, I am not a medical doctor, and I don’t play one on tv.  I’d really like someone in the medical profession to weigh in on the actual diagnosis.

Of course, Monday night is Crystal Band rehearsal, and then there is that work thing I need to do in between. Phew.  I’m exhausted already!


The Busy Body (1967) –



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