The Harvest

The harvest moon was beautiful last night — lots of bright moonlight shining in the windows.  This morning it was still gorgeous, hovering over the trees as we waited for the school bus.  While it’s not the best picture from my cell phone, it does give you a sense for how big and bright it was at 6:30 in the morning.

harvest moon 2013.09.19

And so the harvest moon seemed a fitting time to pick the last zucchini from the vine today.  There are a handful of pumpkins still in the garden, and some well-overgrown lettuce, but otherwise, I think we’ve reached the end of our gardening season.

There is still some life left to the spaghetti squash but they don’t seem to want to ripen.  I’ve read that they need to turn a creamy white color before you should pick them, and ours are still green.  Might it still ripen?  Is this one of those late crops?  Any thoughts from my gardening friends?  

I would say our first foray into gardening was moderately successful.  We enjoyed our tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce and cucumbers, but had no luck with carrots or green onions.  The pumpkins grew nicely, if not very big.  I need to give a lot of credit to my hubby who became the self-designated water-er of the plants every night.  Over time, he sort of took that job over for me, which I really appreciated.

I’m thinking “bigger” for next year…. perhaps a larger plot behind the garage.  With 1.2 acres of yard, I’m thinking we can find space for it, although we would definitely need some fencing.  WAY too many animals in this backyard to leave it in the wide open!

Tonight’s new recipe:  Tilapia Puttanesca
nd I didn’t even make any modifications!  I served this over brown rice, with a side of that final zucchini!


The Harvest (1992) –


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