It was music to my ears… “Mom, can I have some more spinach?”  Wow, have we come a long way!!  Less than a year ago, my son was still in his eat-no-vegetables mode.  (He didn’t eat much fruit either.)  And now he was asking for more spinach???  Be still my heart.  There was actually no more spinach to be served, so I gave him the spinach that was still left on my plate.  I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity!

Ethan’s refusal to eat fruits and veggies the past several years is part of what prompted us to start juicing.  Juicing seemed to be a good solution for getting some nutrients into his body (and it seemed like it would benefit us both).  He loved juicing and, as I have said here before, we both credit juicing with a year (plus) of no missed school days.

When I first started my WFPB (whole foods, plant based) journey back in January, neither my son nor my husband came along willingly.  Very often I found myself cooking two (sometimes three) different meals each night.  But over time, and I think without them noticing very much, I stopped doing that.  I can’t even tell you the last time I cooked meat (meaning beef, pork or chicken) for dinner.  Every night now, we eat plant based (with an occasional fish night).  While some of the new dishes have been better than others, there haven’t been any complaints of late.  In fact, there has been a general acceptance of the changes (dare I say “enjoyment” at times even).

I’m not quite sure when the tides turned, or why.  Maybe everyone noticed they felt better.  Maybe they realized that dinner can be both delicious and healthy.  It could have been the ongoing focus and dialogue around health issues.  Or maybe they just resigned themselves to the fact that I was never cooking meat again!  Whatever the reason, it makes me happy!  With Ethan, it’s great to know that he is learning about healthy eating while he is still young, and maybe I can prevent in him some of the chronic illnesses that result from poor eating.  And while I can’t influence his every eating decision… there is still the school cafeteria after all… he’s learning and I’m seeing him make better choices.

Confession time (Rob, this is for you…):  I am traveling for work and opted to go to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  I tried my best to make the best choices possible (considering that we were at The Cheesecake Factory), but they were out of hummus (seriously), so I had some stuffed mushrooms and a yummy salad.  And yes, I must confess, I had some cheesecake.  We actually took it “to go” and I ate it in my hotel room.  Since we didn’t have forks, I nibbled at it using a wooden coffee stirrer!  As a result, I did not eat the whole thing, and it actually got a little too sweet for me.  I wish I could say it was worth it…


Popeye (1980) – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081353/


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