Nothing But the Best

My employer offers lots of great benefits–many that I even forget about.  But the other day, a coworker reminded of the “Best Doctors” program that is offered…free of charge to employees…to either help you find a doctor, or to get a second opinion.  After some discussion, I decided it sure didn’t hurt to have someone else take a look at my medical records and see if they have any different recommendations.

So Tuesday I called and made a telephone appointment with the nurse who would take all my medical information.  Even though I did a bunch of prep work (gathering dates, surgeries, tests, treatments, doctors and contact information), we spent 90 minutes on the phone reviewing my history and going over my side effects in great detail.  She left no stone unturned, and I was impressed with the commitment of time.

Best Doctors will, upon receipt of all my signed papers, gather data from all my doctors, will do a thorough review (including even reviewing pathology slides), and will present their findings.  The answer may end up being that what I’ve had done is all what they would suggest, but I specifically asked for guidance in weighing the benefits of Femara with the risks of Femara.  I asked that they consider both traditional and non-traditional approaches, although my new friend, Kristen, was honest that it depends on who gets assigned to your case.

The whole process takes about 4-6 weeks.  You get a report and a consultation at the end of it all.  You have the report shared with any of your doctors, but I have opted to keep it to myself.  I figure, depending on what it says, I can broach the subject with my doctors accordingly.

Stay tuned…


Nothing But the Best (1964) –





5 thoughts on “Nothing But the Best

  1. That is awesome, Michele. I think a very good idea to do that too. I don’t blame you for keeping it to yourself and approach your doctors if you think you want to do that. It is your decision!

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