And The Band Played On

In my younger days, music was a central part of my life.  I started playing the flute 41 years ago (ugh, that makes me seem SO old!) and eventually went on to get a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy.  In high school, band really was my life.  I spent every spare moment in the band room, holding various positions with multiple responsibilities, and it’s partly where I learned the leadership skills I use today.  I organized the library of music, helped write the shows we would perform at football games, had responsibility for band uniforms, and taught marching each summer.  Music theory was my favorite class, and I loved the camaraderie of being part of the band.  I looked for every opportunity to play my flute, joining Crystal Band, playing at church, and playing with various college ensembles.  And much to the dismay of my family, I practiced all the time.

But time tends to take us away from the things we love.  Work, family, house, and loads of responsibilities distract us.  And other than the wedding I played back in August, I have not played my flute in years.  Yep, I’m a bit rusty.

So it is with great excitement that, in the name of moving on with life and doing something I love, I have joined the Crystal Band for the third time.  The first time was in the late 70s, and then the mid 90s, so every 20 years or so!  Making the return was extra special because I got to share it with Ethan, on trombone, and my niece, Marissa, also on flute.  It felt so good to play again, to be surrounded by music, to come together as an ensemble.  It was challenging and fun.  And I think I player pretty well, if I do say so myself.  (Except for that really fast part in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas…)  Even Ethan was moved by the experience!  I can’t wait to go back!   (Of course, I need to miss next week already because of work travel, but that’s ok.)

So get out there and do something you love!  🙂


Lemon & Spinach Pesto Pasta by Leslie Durso
xcellent!!  The recipe was easy… pretty much everything into the food processor and then pour over the pasta.  Ethan even tried it and was instantly hooked!  This will make it into the recipe rotation for sure, especially on nights I need something quick.

Celery Salad with Olives from The China Study Cookbook
I enjoyed this one, although I’m still getting used to the taste of vegan mayo.  I loved the tang added by the olives.  Hmmmm… olives! (Note: I won’t publish recipes from books, if it isn’t readily available on the Internet, as I don’t think it’s fair to the author. )


And the Band Played On (1993) –

5 thoughts on “And The Band Played On

  1. Congratulations, Michelle! I loved my return to flute with the Crystal Band and especially loved sharing it with my daughter, Katie, on oboe. I, too, was impressed with how well I still played and was able to keep up! It was great fun and when Katie headed off to Penn State, I left the band as well because life, again, left me little time.Katie has been encouraging me to go back and I do think of the folks often. Tell them I said, hello!

    • Thanks, Karen! You should come back! It would be like the old days! I will be sure to tell them you said hello… although I’m not sure who is new and who has been around for a while. 🙂

  2. Good to learn you are taking time to do this….I play the flute as well….every Sunday at church. You and your son will enjoy this experience together!

  3. That is awesome, Michele! It is wonderful to return to an old friend. A few years back, I picked up my clarinet who had been played by my nephew and then returned to me. Spencer was playing in a summer band and parents were asked to fill in if they could. It was fun. Recently I got the same opportunity to play with Melanie, but she is a clarinetist, so it was being used! LOL

    Enjoy again what once was a huge part of your life and made you very happy. Funny how that was what once brought us together.

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