Through my blog I am lucky to meet a lot of amazing people.  Many, like me, are dealing with the repercussions of a cancer diagnosis and some are trying to live healthier lives.  Today I actually got to speak to one of those amazing people: Betty.

Betty first reached out to me last week after being referred to my blog by a high school friend.  Our diagnoses were so similar, Betty reached out to me and asked if we could talk.  And so today we did just that.  We spent about an hour sharing our stories and it’s always great to commiserate with one who’s been there (or IS there today).  Betty also was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, Stage III, with a 7.2 cm tumor.  (I beat her out slightly with my 8 cm tumor.)

I was impressed that she is doing a lot of things with diet and supplements, which is awesome, but I was surprised at how very different our medical care was.  While I was on the TAC cocktail (Taxotere. Adriamycin, & Cytoxan), Betty gets Taxol and Cytoxan.  I was surprised, too, by the directions given to her around her diet.  The only instructions given to me around food and supplements were to avoid soy, and eat whatever you can, even if it’s sugar.  Surprisingly, Betty was advised not to eat fresh fruits and vegetables during chemo, and to avoid probiotics.  I credited the probiotics throughout chemo for keeping my digestive tract in check.  I can’t imagine if I didn’t take them.  And as for fresh fruits and vegetables, I ate them daily.  Just weird how different things are from one facility to the next.

At any rate, I am glad to have met and talked with Betty and look forward to taking the journey with her!

Two recipes for the tonight…

Healthy Ginger-Scallion Noodles from ChowDivine

David and I enjoyed this one.  I doubled the recipe, since it serves two.  I used soba noodles, a first for me.  What I did not realize is that there were nylon strips holding the noodles in bunches… that is until I poured them from them package into the boiling water.  I then had to fish out the clumps of noodles to free them, with David’s help, but they still stuck together in spots.  It was still tasty!

5 Minute Banana Ice Cream featured by My Whole Food Life

This is definitely my new favorite thing!!!  Ice cream without dairy!!!  And it was delicious!!!  After some minor user errors with my food processor, this was so easy to do.  I think I will have bananas on hand in the freezer all the time any more.  And as for the milk in the recipe, I used almond milk.  I also used Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter (my favorite).  Only ingredients:  peanuts and a bit of salt.  I look forward to trying this with some of the optional ingredients as well.


Betty (1992) –


2 thoughts on “Betty

  1. The support you give others through your blog is incredible. Helping others takes energy, effort, time, etc, However, when appreciated, there’s nothing like it. My hat goes off to you again for finding the silver lining and using it as a tool to educate others, make self-improvements, and live a positive, healthy, happy life! Keep writing, reflecting, and connecting! I actually checked in to wish Ethan a great school year. Please tell him I put up our Fall bulletin board in the hallway, and I smiled when I recognized his very artistic pumpkin.

    • Thank you, Christine! I appreciate your continued encouragement and for checking in on Ethan. I think he’s really ready to get back to school at this point. I hope you have a great school year!!

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