The Help

As I have mentioned, juicing is a lot of work.  There’s a lot to cleaning, peeling, and cutting the fruits and veggies.  And let’s not forget cleaning the juicer (in my case, that is now TWO juicers…one for the greens, and one for everything else).  So now that I (sort of) trust Ethan was a sharp knife, I figured it would be a good idea to get him more involved in the process.  I spent a lot of time guiding on his knifing skills, but he managed to clean, cut and peel everything tonight.  (I only cut the red beet up since they are so firm and I didn’t want the knife to slip.)

I was relegated to wheat grass duty and managed, for the first time ever, not to get green juice all over the counter.  Progress!  With Ethan’s help, we cut our juicing time in half (12 minutes instead of 25).  Of course, we had veggie peels all over the counter and floor, and I’m still a little worried about him chopping his fingers off, but he’ll never learn if I don’t let him, right?

I will say Ethan had a little more fun with it than I usually do.  See his re-enactment of a “murder” scene… (yes, red beet juice on the knife)


What was also entertaining was that he would pick up various pieces of fruit or veggies and praise it… “ah…. ginger root!”… “ah… oranges…!”

I hope I can continue to hold his interest and influence healthy choices…and a few kitchen skills along the way won’t hurt either!



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