Opening Scene

Today, I reached the anniversary of the start of this blog. I was so excited to get the “Happy Anniversary” notification from! What started as something more utilitarian has evolved into so much more! Blogging has helped me to make some pretty dramatic changes in my lifestyle (mostly on the eating front) and to share what I have learned with all of you. I have connected with some amazing women, across the globe, who share their respective journeys. I never thought that, at a year out, I would still be writing this, but here I am! Thanks to all of you who continue to follow.

The year in numbers…

  • 247 blogs published to date
  • 24,748 hits
  • best ever day: 478
  • 45 countries
  • 404 official followers (not counting those of you who read the printed version I share with my parents!)
  • 18 blogs that I follow within WordPress (I follow several others outside of WP)

Thanks again for taking this ride with me! Great having you along!

lights cancer action!

When on August 1 I received the news that I had Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, I felt completely deflated.  Not angry.  Not sad.  Just wiped out.  The news didn’t really come as a surprise, but up to that point, I could still pray and be hopeful that it was not cancer.  With that hope now gone, I had no choice but to pull it together, face the “Big C” head on, and take action!

Cancer has had a big influence on my life: making me a widow at 35, side-lining me at 46 with my first cancer, renal cell carcinoma, and now scaring the pants off me at 50.  Kidney cancer was easy:  a quick surgery and no chemo.  Sure, a few scars resulted, but added to the c-section and laparoscopy scars, those matter little.

Breast cancer?  Now this was different.  Outside, visual evidence… and chemo.  Not to mention that…

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