What’s Eating Gilbert Grape





I had a nice work-from-home day today.  Both the President and the Vice President of the United States were in Scranton today.  The last time the President was here, I got trapped in the parking lot since they shut down the highways when he is travelling from the city to the airport.  I figured it was best to avoid that this time!  And since I only had one meeting on my calendar, it was a good day to just stay home!  Ethan was happy to be home with his Wii-U all day.  🙂

I read an article today about an organization called “Eat to Defeat Cancer.”  Per their website, they are “a global campaign to crush the cancer epidemic by getting people to eat foods that starve cancer.  Eattodefeat.org is a resource hub and a recruitment platform for the community to inspire, influence, and monitor dietary behavior change.”  The website contains a list of cancer-fighting foods, recipes, and references to lots of articles linking food / nutrients to cancer prevention.

I think it’s great that there continues to be more and more focus on the connection of diet to cancer (and to many other diseases of lifestyle).  While I was disappointed to see recipes containing meat on their recipe page, there is otherwise some great information on the page.  Remember, it’s all about prevention, and the more we can get the word out about eating clean, the more successful we will be in the “war on cancer”.

And an update on my wheat grass…. it looks like I stuck 5 pounds of spaghetti into the dirt!

wheat grass 2013-08-23


2 thoughts on “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

    • Hi Helen! It grows indoors. I had ordered a kit that comes with a few trays, the dirt and the seeds. I’m shocked at how quickly it is growing! Should be able to juice it soon! 🙂

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