Densely Hollow

I finally got around to reading the April 2013 edition of my favorite magazine, More, and there was an interesting article about breast density.  Not surprisingly, I learned that the denser the breast, the higher one’s risk of breast cancer.  The story reported that it was once believed that this was due to the difficulty in seeing the cancer when the breast is denser, since cancerous lesions and dense tissue both appear white on a mammogram.  However, they are now saying there are other reasons for the higher risk.

I also learned that, apparently, there is a breast density score that is determined when a mammogram is conducted, but this score is not generally shared with women in their results.  I certainly was surprised to learn there was a score (who knew?) and would have appreciated that information over the years.  There are currently seven states that have enacted legislation to require providing this information to women.  While I have become leery of mammograms over the past year (are they a contributor to the higher incidence of breast cancer?), if you’re going to do them, then full-disclosure of the data is in order.

I have attached the link to the full article for your review.

The article also refers to the following site for additional information:

An update on Dad:  He has only 10 radiation treatments remaining, which is awesome.  I think the time is going by quickly, and hopefully he does too!  As expected, radiation of the head/neck has been a bit more challenging than my radiation of the chest wall.  Dad has experienced frequent fatigue (he’s good about napping when he needs to) and issues with food.  Whether it’s due to reduced saliva production, impacts to taste buds, or something else, his appetite has not been too good and my mom has been struggling to get him to consume a good number of calories.  He’s down 7 pounds, but I give my mom a lot of credit for trying a variety of different things to get him some calories.  I am hoping the taste issues improve quickly once he’s done.


4 thoughts on “Densely Hollow

  1. Have you heard of the product called “Orgain”? It’s like Ensure but organic and much better for you. A friend of my brother gave this to her dad when he had neck radiation, and he tolerated it very well and was able to keep some weight on. She is a nutritionist. You can order it online.

  2. Oh wow, that article I have to say, was quite informational yet confusing. I have dense tissue but have never heard of the dense having anything to do with having more to do with cancer. The article was one of those that I finish reading and say, so should I have a mammo, should I have an ultrasound if they say I need one? Yikes.

    Keeping your dad in my prayers!

    • In general, the question whether to have or not have a mammogram is a tough one. I had them regularly since I was in my 30s, due to fibrocystic disease, and in the end, it didn’t help me identify my cancer at all. Did it contribute? Who knows. But knowing your risk factors is important, if for no other reason than to encourage you to adopt more preventative behaviors. It seems if the test is going to be done, that all information should be provided. And I’d rather have an ultrasound than a mammogram (no radiation)!

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