With Ethan away for a few days, I have been juicing on my own.  Since I only needed a small batch, I thought I would just use the new hand-crank Healthy Juicer.  Up until now, I have just been using it for greens — my wheat grass and spinach.  This was my first attempt at using other vegetables and fruits, and I have to say it really worked well.  In some regards it’s a little messier, because it’s manual and I’m still not an expert at it.  But the clean up is definitely easier, so I’m glad I tried it.

Of course I used wheat grass (2 ounces are day is the recommended dosage!), and then I added an orange, a carrot and a cucumber.  It was tasty, but I do miss the ginger taste when I leave that out.  I must remember to add that next time.  The orange needed to be put through a few times, as the pulp was still pretty wet, and the carrot needed to be cut up in smaller pieces so as not to overwhelm the gear shaft, but overall it worked really well.

For those of you who may be considering juicing and don’t (or can’t) spend the money on an expensive juicer, this little guy really does the trick and may be a good way for you to ease into it.  The cost is only $50 (compared to the $200-$400 for a good centrifugal juicer).  I’ve provided the link again in case you missed it in my prior blog.


My wheat grass kit came in the mail yesterday… can’t wait to get that going!


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