All The President’s Men

Kris Carr posted the following link on Facebook today and I’m so psyched.  Having always been a fan of President Clinton (and not just because my hubby looks like him!), I am even more enamored after reading this AARP article!  I knew he had adopted a vegan diet, but what I didn’t know was that the Clinton Foundation is doing work to promote healthier lifestyles.  He cites the increasing prevalence of diet-related diseases, as well as the benefits to the environment (meat production has a negative impact on our environment) and our nation’s finances.  I was happy to see one of my favorite books, “The China Study”, noted as one of the books he read early on in his transition.

Speaking of books, now that vacation is over, my goal is to try a few of the recipes in “The China Study Cookbook” each week.  Tonight was “Baked Stuffed Tomatoes with Couscous”.  It was pretty easy to prepare and was really good.  I made it as a side dish for the boys (David ate several; Ethan only ate the stuffing…no fresh tomatoes for him!), and it was my main course.  It is noted as an entree’ in the book.

photo (24)

Next up:  Seasoned Mushroom Soup



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