Words and Pictures

Maybe amusement parks are good for me!  Last night I had the best night’s sleep in 3 months.  And even better?  I didn’t have to get up for work today and I slept right through until 9:00.  It was heavenly.  Ah sleep!

Since we didn’t get home until late last night, I didn’t get a chance to include some pictures from yesterday’s day at the park, so here you go!

Ethan waiting for Marina & me on SkyRush


Marina & I are in the 4th row to the left.


Ethan’s favorite ride when he was little (Flying Falcons), for old times’ sake…


Always the front row!


No, we did not have the seasonal cupcakes!



Alas, no pictures of our photographer, David…


In other news…

I got a letter from Advanced Imaging today reminding me that it’s time for my yearly mammogram.  I guess they haven’t been keeping up. I guess I”ll have to fill them in.  No more mammograms for this girl!

I tried another portobello mushroom recipe tonight.  David enjoyed it but thought it was more like a salad and not filling for him as a main course.  I enjoyed it, although it did mean that I ate some cheese… who can pass up fresh mozzarella?!?

I’m looking forward to a girls’ night out tomorrow… well, really a girls’ night IN for me, since I am hosting.  I am really looking forward to some quality time with the girls.  Long overdue.  It’s really nice to be entertaining again!



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