A Simple Plan

I recently finished reading “Keep It Simple, Keep It Whole: Your Guide To Optimum Health”, by Alona Pulde, MD, & Matthew Lederman, MD. If you are looking for an easy read to get you started on a Whole Foods Plant Based diet, then this book is for you. The chapters are relatively short, and each chapter ends with a recap of “take home messages”.

My favorite part of the book was their “food continuum”. It rates groups of foods from F through A+ so you can determine where you want to be and move towards that. So if you are eating at an “F” level, your goal might be to get to a “C”, rather than trying to shoot for “A” foods at the very beginning. For me, it helps when you are out and are trying to pick the lesser of two evils. The continuum helps you determine which is the better choice.

The book had a much stronger position on oil than I’ve read before. Basically, any added oil is bad, regardless of it’s source. This included coconut oil, the newest trend, and olive oil. Trying not to add oil to anything is pretty challenging. I haven’t been able to give it up completely, but I do find the “spraying” of the oil uses significantly less than trying to drizzle it.

Here’s the Amazon link to the book. You can get a Kindle version also.



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