Christmas in July

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and he’s spending July in Hershey Park. He’s a lot taller and thinner in person, but I saw him with my own eyes.

I am sitting at the Hershey Park wave pool as I write this, feeling like I’m at the beach. The sun is warm and there’s a nice cool breeze. The perfect day.

The sound of the Beach Boys is on the loudspeakers, the smell of suntan lotion is in the air, and the wave pool is lapping at the “shoreline”. The sounds of roller coasters and screaming people are in the distance. It’s a pretty nice day for Christmas!

We started the day with a ride on Skyrush, HP’s newest coaster. At 200′ high, it reaches speeds of up to 75 mph! I’m glad I experienced it, but definitely not one of my favorites.

I have learned that I am officially too old for the Wild Mouse. It turns too sharply and best up my hips and neck. The carousel is still good though!

Eating at an amusement park is always a challenge but I managed to do ok. I took a banana, an apple and some mixed nuts for snacks and only had one piece of pizza at the park. We had dinner at Red Robin and I was able to get a boca burger. Not perfect, but pretty good, all things considered.

My only disappointment for the day is the number of steps on my FitBit. I thought for sure I would be in the 13-14,000 range, but I only managed a paltry 9900.

Great day!


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