Today was, I think, my last doctor’s appointment for a while; just my run-of-the-mill annual exam with the gynecologist.  I have to admit that I love my GYN.  He’s a great listener, is generally interested in my well being, and got on the phone with in minutes every time I needed to talk to him last year.  This is the first I’ve seen him since my diagnosis and he started the appointment with “so, how was your year?”  He quickly followed that with “so, do you have some weird death wish from cancer?” and “that thing (my tumor + cysts) was like a baseball!”

What a comedian!

Anyway, I told him about my whole foods, plant based diet and he was very interested.  As a pretty healthy eater himself (except for the occasional junk food indulgence), he was interested in what I was doing, how it was going, and he even appreciated a few book recommendations.  I confessed to him my Femara stoppage and, after explaining my rationale, he said I had valid arguments.  I always respect his opinion, and I know he looks out for my best interests.  He did wonder why Tamoxifen wasn’t an option for me.  My oncologist said it was because I was post-menopausal and that Tamoxifen had issues of his own, but he said that it was used successfully for everyone once upon a time…

Long story short, my exam went well and all was deemed “normal”.

Tonight we tried a new recipe for Quinoa Black Bean Burgers!  David and I loved it; Ethan ate most of it but wasn’t jumping for joy.  It got super ratings on the AllRecipes site and seemed to have a lot of flexibility.  If you try them, be sure to review the comments for alterations to the recipe.  I used whole wheat bread crumbs (who knew they had these??) in the mixture, and put mustard and avocado on mine!  Mmmm..,


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