Under the Rainbow

I always see the phrase “eat the rainbow” in the books and blogs that I read.  As I packed my lunch bag for work today, I thought I did pretty well on the rainbow front.  For breakfast:  blueberries and a banana.  For breakfast:  an apple and some peanut butter (all natural, organic, of course!).  For snacks:  raw cauliflower, sugar snap peas, carrots and a package of mixed nuts.  I covered quite an array of colors!  (And in case you are wondering what I had for supper: some whole grain pasta with a little olive oil and artichokes!)  With a nectarine for dessert.

Definitely one of my better “whole foods” days!

And speaking of whole foods… I yielded my first pickins from the garden.  I don’t know where this big boy was hiding in my zucchini patch, but clearly he was long overdue to be picked.  Grillin’ him for lunch tomorrow, since it’s really too big to do much else with.  The tomato is also my first from the grape tomato bushes.

garden 071913

Many of the smaller zucchinis that are growing seem to be rotting on the vines.  I’m not sure if it has to do with this excess heat and sun, but it’s very disappointing.  Zucchini is one of my favorite veggies and I was looking forward to a big yield based on how well the plants were doing up to this point.

Day 3 of no Femara and my knees already feel better.  I even had a decent night’s sleep last night (although I will credit the Tylenol PM for that…)

Happy for the weekend after  a crazy week at work.  Enjoy!


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