Skin Deep

This morning started with an early appointment at the dermatologist.  I do go annually, and have been going for years, just to be safe.  As someone with fair skin and several bad sunburns from the stupidity of youth, I think it is prudent action.  I have had 2 “suspicious looking” moles removed in the past, and given my recent history, it seems more important than ever.  There was one mole that I specifically asked about since it was not symmetrical.  The PA was willing to remove it for me, just to give me peace of mind, but really felt it was just something we should measure and watch.  I opted for the latter;  I don’t want to become completely paranoid about cancer at every turn (although that is really easy to do).

Following is a guide for watching your own moles; it’s important to check your skin regularly and to especially report any changes in shape, color, etc.,,20307251_last,00.html

Overall, the PA said I earned an “A+” today; my skin looked great!

Having taken today off from work, after the dermatologist, Ethan, my two nieces, and I went to play some mini-golf before it got too hot.  (Not to gloat, but I did win!)  🙂  We followed that by a much needed trip to Everything Natural to pick up some natural toothpaste, shampoo, etc. and lunch at Red Robin.  Before you berate me for this seemingly poor choice of restaurants, you will be happy to know that Red Robin actually has hummus on the menu!  It was an appetizer, but it came with grilled squash, jicama, carrots, cucumbers and grilled foccacia triangles.  I couldn’t eat the whole thing, but I was pleasantly surprised by the healthy option!  (The rest of the crew did enjoy some big juicy burgers!)

For the record, this was my first taste of jicama… the jury’s still out.  It was a bit bland and the texture was odd, but it is supposed to have some nutritional value, so maybe I’ll try it again at some point…

Something new for juicing tonight… we added wheatgrass, which is supposed to be really good for you (see attached link).  We could taste a bit of a difference in the juice, but I do think we needed to blend this gentle grass on a lower speed for maximum benefits.  Ethan tends to juice everything on high speed!

Tomorrow I’m off for a visit with my oncologist.  Always something to look forward to!


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