It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

The 4-day holiday weekend was great.  I enjoyed time with family and friends, relaxed, and enjoyed so many things that are great about this country.  But alas, it was back to work today.  Not that it wasn’t a good day, but another day off would have been nice…  It was actually a pretty quiet day, since so many other (smarter) people did take the day off!

I can’t complain too much, though, as I had scheduled a much-overdue massage after work.  I had a gift certificate from a friend from way back when, at the beginning of my treatments (thanks, Karin!).  I never went for it during chemo or radiation because I thought the benefits would not last very long.  Of course, I finished treatments in March, and had my portacath out in May, so what took me so long???  The massage felt especially great on my feet and legs, where I have had the most discomfort from the Femara, and it always feels good to have the knots in my back worked on.  I’m actually a little sore (she was a brute!), but in a good way.

My garden continues to thrive and for dinner tonight we enjoyed pumpkin flowers!!  I think this is the first time I have had these since my childhood.  I noticed this morning that my pumpkin patch was covered in orange blooms, so my dad picked them and mom cooked them for me.  All ready to go when I picked up Ethan after work/massage.  They were as delicious as I remember!  Even Ethan enjoyed them.  We ate plates full of flowers, and there are still a gazillion flowers on the vines. Plenty left for Halloween.  🙂  The pumpkin flowers are most definitely vegetarian, but not so much vegan… dipped in eggs and then flour before being fried…  Good stuff!

I definitely want to continue reducing my intake of any animal protein (including dairy and eggs).  I am only on chapter 4 in “The China Study” and there have been a number of good reasons for reducing (well, eliminating) animal protein.  But more on that tomorrow!


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