Smiles of a Summer Night

I’m really enjoying this 4 day weekend!  Thursday and Friday felt like Saturday and Sunday, so it’s kind of nice to do it all over again! Two weekends in one!  We enjoyed the 4th of July with friends and family, and with fireworks we could see from our backyard. Yesterday, Ethan and I had a great day together… cleaning out toys (he actually got rid of more than I expected him to…sorted into either the “sell” or “trash” piles), seeing Despicable Me 2 (hilarious!), and swimming lessons. We ended the night watching “Life of Pi”, although he fell asleep halfway through… those swimming lessons were quite the work out!

While at the movies yesterday, I was shocked by two things. 1) They didn’t have bottled water, so we had to settle for a cup of tap water. This wouldn’t be so bad except that it definitely was not filtered.  Bleh.   2) A large soda is 44 ounces!!!!  Who knew?  No, I did not order soda, but the person in front of me did, and it showed up on the screen where you can verify your order. Who needs 44 ounces of soda in one sitting?!?!? (Or in multiple sittings, for that matter.)  And we wonder why obesity is on the rise in this country…

Tonight was a beautiful summer night and we spent it in lovely downtown Honesdale PA, listening to music in the park (Miranda and Marissa, my nieces, were both playing with the Crystal Band), and watching fireworks. I even splurged on some funnel cake and ice cream (hey, they are vegetarian!).  It really was a perfect summer evening with family.

Here are Ethan and David relaxing in the park!  (And my sister-in-law’s nephew peeking his head in there, too!)



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